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Apr. 6th, 2011 02:00 am
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My grandpa passed away about an hour ago. I think we'll be leaving for new Zealand on Friday.

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PART 2: The appeal

oh yes, there's much, much more. )
Thank you very much for reading and I hope you learnt something~

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NOTE: some parts still in progress :D


Okay firstly, I feel ridiculously stalkerish and self-conscious gushing over Sungmin, so please don't mind me. I'm a simple teenage girl who simply loves and adores Lee Sungmin. I've decided to do this because i have the time and I want to share one of the causes of happiness in my life :) (and [ profile] worldvidz  provided an awesome opportunity to do so!)

Secondly, I've only been in the fandom for about a year or so, so even though I'm going to try and research thoroughly, I might have facts wrong and be generally confused about some things. You're welcome to point me in the right direction! After starting to compile facts, I realize how much I don't actually know =___=.

Thirdly, please feel free to comment and/or spread the Sungmin love, or even contribute more stuff I can add in! ♥

Oh and for extra reading, I'd like to direct you to grisclair's Lee Sungmin, a primer.


A lot of people say that they don't notice Sungmin or he doesn't immediately hit a note with them when they first discover Super Junior. I'm guilty (although I discovered SJ-M first). But then a lot of people grow to love him because they appreciate what he does for the group, and see that this boy truly is the jack of all trades! :D So this is my little pimp post for him, and I've divided it into parts for the sake of your bandwidth XD.

follow me down )

Part 2 (The appeal) >>
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Thanks to the lovely [personal profile] pockybel , I've got a dreamwidth account here :D

Hahaha I'm definitely going to have to check out all of these lovely features... especially this crossposting one hmmm hmmm...

Well, we'll see what happens from here :D

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Aqi's Crash-Course Tutorial - Colouring stuff in

Downloadable word document version: coming soon.

I really like writing tutorials - if you like my stuff and want a tutorial on something else in particular, do ask XD. But all I really do is colour and vector xD A lot of it is common sense and experimentation. I might post this to my community and pimp it out if I get a good reaction xD.

God it's hard to screencap everything you do.

Tutorial stats:
Level: I'd say easy-medium level. But you at least should know most of photoshop's functions.
Time taken: 
Ignoring all the time to screencap and write the tutorial out, maybe an hour or two.

Entry is public for the time being.

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